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I have a degree in Psychology with a specialization in Neuropsychology from Hospital das Clinicas, Faculty of Medicine, USP. I completed my Master's and Doctorate at the Institute of Psychology at USP. During my Master's I researched animal-assisted therapy and interaction with children with autism and in my PhD I studied how children with autism recognize emotions.


During my PhD I was also able to study at Harvard Medical School where I completed, among other subjects, a course on Child Psychotherapy and another on risky and self-injurious behaviors.

I worked for 16 years as the maintainer and clinical director of a special education school, which gave me the opportunity to get to know and study several clinical cases such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and autism spectrum disorder.


After these years leading the special education school and the multidisciplinary clinic, I moved to Houston, Texas and worked for 2 years as the Coordinator of an organization that assists refugee children and adolescents. It was an excellent experience and I was able to work with clinical cases involving trauma and cultural adaptation.

With all this clinical background and my academic knowledge, I believe I can accompany you at every step, whether in clinical care, online guidance or in your training, through my courses.


Fabio Bertuol, MEd, BCBA

Fabio é nosso Board Certified Behavior Analyst com 20 anos de experiência trabalhando com autismo em diferentes contextos, bacharelado em psicologia clínica e mestrado em Análise do Comportamento Aplicada (Universidade de Cincinnati, OH). Fabio atua com terapia comportamental e supervisiona o Centro de ABA da Clinica

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Ana Flavia Ceolin, RBT, ASD-CS

Ana é psicóloga  e academic coachEspecialista em autismo (Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Specialist) e em Psicologia Humanista, Ana auxilia nossos clientes que precisam de estimulação cognitiva e acompanhamento escolar. 


Tatiana Sena

Tatiana é psicóloga  e academic coach. Pós-graduada em Psicologia Analítica, Tatiana auxilia nossos clientes que precisam de estimulação cognitiva e acompanhamento escolar. 

Equipe Clínica 

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